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Get the answers you need in an easy-to-use video and customized report so you can finally fix what’s plaguing your website.

The Power of UX

User experience (UX) is recognized as a critical component of every company’s digital strategy. It impacts ease-of-use, navigation, engagement, and sales. With your customized assessment, you’ll understand firsthand the power of UX to improve how website visitors engage with your products and services.

Here’s What You Get

A video critique plus review and follow-up Q&A

For the affordable price of $349, you get a Loom video with a one-page customized review. It will include changes you can act upon right away.

After you get the video with the review, included in your evaluation is one round of questions about your recommendations via a scheduled Zoom call.

Reports are provided within 4-5 days from the date of purchase.

UX Review

We’re passionate about UX and finding all the issues impacting your website conversion. We’ll dig into the details and make sure you have the answers to some of the common navigation, layout, and content issues.

Brand Review

We also pay attention to branding issues that may impact your conversion, such as messaging and tone. We know it’s important to your website visitors that you clearly communicate your value and brand promise. We’ll dig into each of these aspects and so much more in your assessment.


Audit Review

Your customized report will include all of the specific findings outlined in your video. Our goal is to make it easy for you to understand our findings along with a plan for implementing the changes that will lead to better conversions for your company.

Sample Report

We believe in delivering exceptional value to our customers, which is the reason we’ve taken great care to put together something that can truly give you the answers you seek. Not only will you get a beautiful report, but you’ll also get recommendations on changes you can make for immediate impact. Below is an example of some of the reports we’ve created for our clients along with a before and after that resulted from the assessment we completed.

*A home page redesign is not included.

We’re Ready to Help You Get Answers and Transform Your Website Into a More Effective Marketing Tool.

Hi there! I’m Franka Baly, Creative Director here at FBUX.

I’m also a user experience designer, brand strategist, and marketing fanatic. I’ve been obsessed with website usability and branding for over two decades.

I’ve worked on everything from starter websites for solopreneurs to enterprise-level projects for companies such as HP, AIG, and Marathon Oil.

One thing is true, usability has the power to make any project better. Here at FBUX we specialize in helping growing companies and organizations discover how to improve the experience their customers are having when they visit your website. If you’re ready for answers, we’re ready to help you get them.

Get the answers you need so you 
know what to fix.

Get your customized Usability and Brand Review

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