Adrienne Bell + Beto O’Rouke

Branding + Marketing Collateral



Creating branding and marketing pieces for political candidates running for office in Texas.

We believe in the democratic election process and in every American’s right to vote. We’ve also been able to show our commitment to the process by helping local and state officials create logos and marketing pieces in their bid for public office. From a city council nominee to state senator, it’s been a privilege to work on these projects.

Adrienne and I met at a luncheon before her run for Congress. Before she was ready to start up her campaign she reached out to create a logo that would be memorable, distinctive, and provide recognition in her run for office. We designed a logo that played off her last name and gave it a treatment that would allow for incorporating different colors based on what she was using the logo for during her campaign. We’re proud of Adrienne and how she has used her voice to shine a light on important issues.