We Focus On Our Genius Zone,

So You Can Focus On Yours

It’s our mission to design easy-to-use products and software applications for companies and organizations.



We’re an agile female-led company committed to an efficient and streamlined UX design process.

  • We bring an efficient approach to developing a product or tool. 
  • We provide support throughout the process by engaging with the development team from start to finish.
  • We regularly practice design thinking.
  • We document the research and design process during development for an archive of lessons learned.
  • We present our findings to all levels of management for clear communication and transfer of information.
  • We make sure we always speak for our users by evangelizing their needs to the development teams and stakeholders.

Who Are We Anyways?

Our unique strength is helping companies that can benefit from a customized solution, whether it’s a website, internal tool, or new software application. 

We use our years of experience to create tailored solutions you can rely on. Because we don’t just design, we bring your brilliant ideas to the table and collaborate to come up with a plan of execution, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Using our Listen, Observe, Document, and Evaluate (LODE) Framework, we take your customers through their user journey. We make sure your product balances functionality with visual appeal and the ability to switch seamlessly from a desktop to a mobile.

What’s more, we’ll be there for you after launch, supplying maintenance, updates, and the occasional heartfelt note applauding your success. 

The FBUX Team

Franka Baly

CXO / Lead UX Designer

Franka is responsible for directing our client projects and making sure that they stay on track from start to finish. She is also responsible for helping with the UX, design, and QA of each of our projects.

Narinder Singh

WordPress Lead Developer/SEO

If anything needs to be built on WordPress, Narinder will make sure it’s done right. His keen attention to detail and his work ethic is unmatched. He also oversees our SEO implementation projects.

Kultar Singh

Senior UX Designer

Franka’s partner in design, and a rockstar designer in his own right with over a decade of experience in UX design, branding, and marketing.

Mehkai nicholas

Marketing Intern

Mehkai is a graduate of the University of Houston and works with our clients to develop their marketing projects which includes strategy and implementation including social media management and copywriting.

Our Certifications

We’re a certified Minority Owned Business (MBE), Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)

What We Believe

Our core values and beliefs are the essence of each project and the foundations of our best work.

Wholeheartedness allows us to lead from a place of worthiness.

Leaning into empathy and kindness in our approach to working with clients

Creativity is the foundation for everything we do 

Collaboration over competition

Work with the experts who turn imagination into deployable action for better UX.

We are a User Experience (UX) Design consulting firm focused on helping companies and organizations create unique and creative customer experiences.

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