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We help companies and organizations create user-friendly products for how people like to work through the power of UX Design, Branding and Web Design. 














Are Your Software Projects User-Focused and
Driven By An Effective Process?

They can be.

We Design With Your User Experience In Mind

UX | Branding | Custom Web Design

Create a custom software solution that’s not only intuitive and easy to use but tailored to make your business more efficient. We help make it all possible and give your customers the experience they deserve while remaining on-brand.

Through careful research and planning, we design software to keep your customers engaged. We collaborate with a can-do attitude to pinpoint the problems in your customer’s journey, and we know the details make a difference. That’s why we focus on consistent solutions for every platform – whether your customers use your website, software application, or mobile app.

Do you have a project in mind? Let’s get those brain waves moving.

The FBUX Formula

Our five-step process takes you from start to finish and beyond.


We take time to research your market to ensure that we create a unique and competitive brand.

Creating Your Brand

Then, we design the right brand for you, using the knowledge we gain from our research and from our conversations.

Design & Develop Your Custom Solution

We develop your website and marketing materials implementing all of the elements unique to you.

Oversee Your Launch

We ensure your launch meets both of our high standards. Get ready to celebrate!

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Now the real work begins. We keep your website running smoothly with regular maintenance and updates, so your clients stay satisfied.

We’re Ready to Put Our Experience
to Work For You.

We utilize the power of design thinking when collaborating with growing companies and organizations to create better user experiences for the products they make —
through effective strategy, research, and design services.

Founded in 2015, Franka Baly set out to use her more than 20 years of experience as a UX designer to help companies and organizations create easy-to-use products and software applications. We leverage the power of design thinking in all of our work to ensure that we have a process that takes our users’ needs into consideration. Our ultimate goal is to work with you to streamline your design and deployment so your project gets out the door, on time, and on budget.

View A Few Portfolio Favorites

Choice Gloabl

First Choice

Choice Global approached FBUX to help them create some marketing pieces they could use to showcase their expertise at tradeshows.

Neely Counseling

Neely Counseling sought us out to help them launch a new EAP division of their practice.


FBUX worked with TCM to complete the rebranding of their company after years of continuous growth.


Helped this unique company launch a new brand in the personal development industry.

Sanctuary of Wellness

An innovative approach to medicine requires a fresh and creative brand.

Hear From Our Clients

We do our best work for clients who are poised and ready to shine.


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Level Up Your Landscaping Business with UX Design

Level Up Your Landscaping Business with UX Design

In the landscaping industry, the market size by revenue is measured to be &115.6bn in 2022, a $10bn increase from 2021. Average industry growth stands at 4.7% per year. Top challenges within the landscaping industry include staying price-competitive and building a consistent customer base.

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If you’re ready to create the experience your customers deserve. We’re ready to help.

We are a User Experience (UX) Design consulting firm focused on helping companies and organizations create unique and creative customer experiences.

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