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UX Design

We believe you know your businesses better than us and have figured out why you need a UX design expert. We’ll help you define the problem, devise a solution, and ensure it gets successfully launched.

We are good at:

Listening to uncover problems

✔ Defining the correct problem 

✔ Helping you craft your brand story 

Analyzing your competition

Identifying your target personas

Organizing your content copy 

Coordinating with development team

Documenting customer workflows

Creating custom design elements

Defining a clear customer journey 

We’re a user experience design and research consulting firm so it all begins with a discovery meeting.
Let’s have a conversation to see how we can work together to create the right software solution for your growing company or organization.

UX Methods

Design Studios 

Brainstorming Sessions


Design Reviews

Usability Testing 

✔ Prototyping

✔ Card Sorting

✔ Survey Design

✔ A/B Testing

Contextual Inquiry


✔ Paper-Pencil Prototyping

High-Fidelity Mockups

✔ Workflow Maps

✔ Persona Development

✔ Field Visit

How Our Process Looks

Listen and Learn

As a first step, we’ll have a discovery meeting to ask lots of questions to learn as much as we can about your company and the work you’re doing in the world. At this point in our process, our goal is just to listen well.

Research the Process

Our next step is to observe the process you want us to address.  Our goal is to make sure we clearly understand the problem and the scope of the project. By observing the process we’re able to learn and document what we see. From our observations, we complete a custom proposal with our recommended solution.

    Design the Solution

    We pull from our vast UX design and research processes to utilize the best ways to design and implement your custom solution. This may mean running a design studio, creating customer personas, or designing high-fidelity mockups. Our goal is to visually bring your solution to life.

    Develop the Solution

    We work with our developers, or yours, to build out your custom-designed solution. Using Agile Methodology we’re sure to adhere to a reviewable development cadence. This allows us to create a minimal viable product (MVP) and ensures we have the correct solution developed to solve your identified problem(s).

    Evaluate the Solution

    Customer validation matters the most for any designed solution. Utilizing an iterative process we evaluate the solution throughout our process. We obtain customer feedback using heuristic evaluation, heatmap testing, analytics insight, A/B testing, and more to help you reach your potential. Our learning is incorporated into the product to make sure it matches user expectations. 

    Launch Your Software

    When it’s time to launch your software, we’re right there to break out the bubbly and celebrate with you. We know that this milestone has come after a lot of hard work. As we celebrate we’ll be sure to make sure you understand that we’ll be right there with you to support the continuous improvement of your solution.

    Some of our UX Case Studies

    We are a User Experience (UX) Design consulting firm focused on helping companies and organizations create unique and creative customer experiences.

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