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We’ll help you gain clarity and develop consistent branding for all the touchpoints in your customers’ journey.

According to data collected by Forbes Magazine and Circa Research, a consistent presentation of a brand can provide 23% increase in revenue. In addition, 77% of B2B marketers, say branding is crucial for growth.

We believe in helping our clients develop a clear brand so all the elements of whatever they create for their customers are consistent and of the highest quality. We not only create the critical elements you need, but we can also show you how to use them as you market your brand.

Why Invest in Branding?

Lack of Clarity Contributes To:

  A lack of focus to achieve what you initially set out to do.

  Indecisiveness in your business.

  Not meeting financial goals leading to unstable finances

  Confusion in your audience. 

  Overwhelming-keep-you-up-at-night thoughts.

  Goals that feel out of alignment with your vision.

  Clients who just are not the right fit for you.

  Customers who don’t see the value in what you’re working on.

  Wasted hours on marketing.

  Content creation without intention, purpose, or strategy.

 Benefits of a Clear Brand:

Builds trust and loyalty.

Helps you effectively communicate your value.

Keeps your organization focused on what matters most.

Leads and higher close rates.

Differentiates you from others in your market.

→ Contributes to better team collaboration.

We deliver a comprehensive branding package to our clients with clearly researched elements. We pay attention to your target market, your goals, your brand personality, positioning, messaging, vision, mission and so much more. When you receive your package it will contain 3 – 4 logo options along with marketing options for utilizing your brand.

Branding Package Includes:

  • Original logo in various formats
  • Favicon
  • Color Palette
  • Selected Fonts
  • Patterns or textures
  • Customized icons
  • One-page Brand Guide

Other Branding Products:

Available upon request. We will provide a proposal with all the items you request in your discovery meeting.

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branded Social Media Templates
  • Branded Presentations
  • Marketing Materials

Got Questions? We Got Answers!


Our branding package includes a new logo, favicon, branding palette, custom patterns, selected fonts, one-page branding guide, brand personality, and strategy.


A typical branding project will take 4-8 weeks to complete but greatly depends on the time it takes for a customer to provide feedback on changes during each round.

We offer 2-rounds of edits in each branding package.

What Do You Require Before Beginning A Project?

We require a discovery meeting to learn about your project and meet with key stakeholders. We will create a proposal outlining what we recommend based on this initial meeting.


Yes, we love providing guidance on the development on your new brand and especially on a rebrand. We know there are many elements to successfully branding a business including identifying the right messaging, tone, visual elements, etc. We take all of this into consideration when developing your brand strategy.


We customize your brand package according to your needs but you should budget at least $2,500 for a brand package that includes two logo options and two rounds of edits. The more logos and edits you request, the more the price increases. Our price not only includes our research, design, and edits, but also the delivery of your logo in multiple variations from .jpg to .svg to vector files for printing.

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