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Being Honest with Yourself

Don't lie to yourself anymore! I had the opportunity to talk to a good friend about the defenses people put up when they are in the mode of self-protection. Who doesn't self-protect, right? I think almost everyone does. When we are truly hurt by others it is a natural...

Operate from LOVE

This is a difficult blog to write because my heart was heavy this week. I struggled over what to write in light of so much pain and divisiveness is in our country. In the end, I decided it was best to be true to my ideals and draw from that which I know, my faith....

Are You a Mean Girl?

Say Goodbye to Being a Mean Girl Why are we as women so mean to each other? I was watching a Lifeclass on OWN about the Terrible Things Women Do to Each Other and I was literally weeping for one of the women in the audience who was minimized by her so-called...

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