What is UX Design?
Brittany Kock
July 4, 2022
What does UX design mean? 

The process by which design teams create products that give users meaningful and relevant experiences is known as user experience (UX) design. This includes features of branding, design, usability, and function, as well as the full process of obtaining and integrating the product.

UX v UI design

Some people get UX and UI confused all the time so it’s important to provide how they are different. A user interface (UI) is a location where humans and machines can interact. It enables users to operate a machine efficiently to complete a task or achieve a certain goal, such as making a purchase or downloading an app.

UI design differs from user experience (UX) design. Because the user interface design process is more technical, UI designers must have a strong understanding of information architecture and command line interface programming.

The user interface design and graphical user interface are created by UI designers. When creating interfaces, UI designers, like UX designers, must emphasize the end users. However, the visual interface aspects are approached differently.

This position is all about user-to-user engagement.

The user experience describes how a person feels when interacting with a product. Don Norman coined the term while working at Apple in the 1990s. Don Norman says that ‘‘User experience’ encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

When we discuss UX, we’re focusing on the user journey’s, interactive features, and responsive design.

When they press this button, what happens? Is the transition from this page to the next one smooth? Are there any stumbling blocks or issues with how a user navigates the page?

What does UX design do?

“UX Design is the deliberate use of logic and reasoning to create experiences that are both useful and valuable to the end user. It’s a method of gaining a thorough grasp of the user’s goals and objectives, determining where their biggest challenges are, and brainstorming solutions to these issues.

UX Design is the deliberate task of designing innumerable interactions that span the full user journey inside a given product experience while also following brand, design, and usability criteria. It is rarely focused on the construction of a single screen.” – Scott Johnsen, Alto’s Head of Design.

A user experience (UX) designer ensures that a product is easy to understand and use. A UX designer is involved in the product development process from the beginning to guarantee that product teams are designing products that are aware of their users’ wants and pain points.

A user experience designer works with branding, navigation, content, and product functions to ensure that all of these components are connected to create a happy and smooth end result.

UX designers are in charge of more than just the product experience and lifecycle—they’re also important participants in the customer lifecycle.

A user’s attraction to, willingness to pay for, and ability to utilize a product is influenced by the decisions made by a UX designer. The changes and tweaks a UX designer makes to a live product can have a beneficial impact on user retention and lifetime value.

What is the UX design process?

Research: during this part of the process, you’ll be investigating user behavior, goals, motivations, and needs during this stage of the process. Interviews, focus groups, surveys, and contextual inquiries will be conducted. This step will assist you in creating a better user experience

Wireframing: A wireframe is a rough sketch of the user experience you’re working on. You’ll sketch out where images, buttons, and text will be placed. This step will not involve too much information because it is only the skeleton of the design. Wireframing is primarily concerned with the flow of information.

Visual Design: “Research is worth nothing if you don’t act on it effectively” – Henry Brignull. The most crucial component of a UX designer’s job is the transition from research knowledge to design action.” This is when everything that has been done so far in the process comes to a head. This stage is also known as the “mock up step.” You will describe the user experience in detail, including the different pages that users will see and experience as they click on specific buttons.

Testing: Before launching the new user experience, it must be thoroughly tested. You will be able to test everything you have designed up to this point using focus groups. It’s critical to consider how the user is feeling throughout the process. Take into account their suggestions on how they think they can improve their experience on the website. Test, redesign, and test some more.

How does UX design help business? 

As a result, without a useful, intuitive digital presence, a company cannot succeed today. Designing the user experience is an important and enjoyable component of any user’s journey. Invest in UX design to fulfill the needs of your customers in their overall experience of purchasing your product. 

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