Why UX Design is Important for Branding
Franka Baly
August 9, 2022

User experience (UX) and branding are often seen as two distinct disciplines that rarely work together. UX is primarily concerned with understanding users in order to create products that are beneficial and promote positive experiences.

In order to understand the link between UX design and branding, we must first understand the components that contribute to this link. These concepts being customer experience, brand experience, user experience and brand. 

Customer experience: Everything about a business that influences a customer’s opinion and sentiments about it is referred to as the customer experience (CX).

Brand experience: The sum of people’s impressions, ideas, emotions, and responses to a brand constitutes the brand experience.

User experience: The term “user experience” describes how a product, application, system, or service makes the user feel. It is a general term that can refer to a variety of things, including how easily a user can navigate a product, how simple it is to use, and how applicable the content provided is.

Brand: A commercial and marketing idea known as a “brand” aids consumers in recognizing a specific organization, item, or person. Brands influence how people view organizations, their goods, or specific persons.

Understanding the brand and the users thoroughly is the first step in combining branding and user experience. By understanding the brand’s promise, qualities, and archetype influences site interactions, we can ensure that the interactions and features are valuable, practical, and usable by better understanding the users.

In order to inform design decisions, hard data should collaborate with UX design. However, relying solely on statistics will have little to no impact on the success of a product. What matters most is having the appropriate vision and conveying it to your users. The focus of brand experience is on this.

Unlike user experience, which serves the user even before they become a user, brand experience does the opposite. Brand experiences largely rely on design and advertising to convey a particular message and elicit a particular emotion in users. Brand identity, brand consistency, and brand promise make up the three main components of the rather broad idea of brand experience.

By integrating features like a logo, design, mission statement, and a constant theme throughout all marketing communications, branding aims to give customers a strong, positive impression of a business, its goods or services. Building a loyal consumer base and differentiating a company from its rivals are made easier by effective branding.

Companies can develop a distinctive user-centered design with the aid of strong, clearly defined brand values. A framework that highlights the benefits of your brand and attracts more consumers may also be produced by intelligent user-centered design. Brand values may be a critical weapon to enhance the experience at every stage of the user’s journey. Companies can build a user experience tailored to their consumer base through user-centered design, which can enhance their customers’ perceptions of their brands.

While companies often overlook the importance of UX design and branding working hand in hand, the best way to showcase your brand’s true voice is through a user experience that truly speaks to your audience. 

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